Outstanding quality and design

    We cover the full range

    Improving mains pressure
    Replacing traditional systems with new ones based on condensation boilers
    Servicing and maintenance
    New plumbing to kitchen, including appliance installation
    New kitchen - replace all from floor to ceiling
    Breakdowns and repairs
    Taps, tanks, ball-valves
    Burst pipes
    Heated towel rails
    Whirlpool system baths
    Blockages, leaks
    Washing machine and dishwasher installing, leaks, bad smells
    Radiators, pumps , thermostatic valves, lockshield valves
    Toilets, kitchen sinks , wash hand basins
    Drains, gutters, septic tank systems
    Soil and waste systems
    Routine maintenance
    Single or multi bathroom installations
    Power showers
    Easy access showers and baths
    Unvented hot water cylinders
    Anti-scalding thermostatic and pressure valves

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    Most homeowners are no stranger to common house plumbing problems. While a professional opinion is never a bad thing, not wanting to call a plumber for every little issue is understandable. Your house plumbing is a big part of how comfortable your home feels. Small problems like leaky faucets and clogged drains can turn into big headaches if left unchecked. Don't let a stopped sink stop you. There are many small problems you may be able to fix without hiring a plumber!

    On the other hand, make sure you know what you're doing, there is no place for guessing and supposing what needs to be done as you can turn situation from bad to worst. If not certain how to fix a problem better call somebody qualified before flooding the whole house.

    As a reputable and reliable company we only employ qualified and experienced plumbers who will deal with your problems in a proffesional way.

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